Jouce is an American songwriter/producer/engineer native to Palmdale, Ca and the CEO/Founder of Hard Critics Records. Throughout his 15 year career he has released 1 group / 3 solo mixtapes, which have gained notable success in his hometown. The most recently released mixtape was entitled ‘Corrupted Minds’ and gained the attention of Dj Inferno. Inferno happens to be a DJ for LA‘s biggest Hip Hop station Power 106 FM. This connection lead to Inferno hosting Jouce’s mixtape. Jouce has sold out venues such as “The House of Blues” and also has a social media following of over 50,000 fans on instagram. With all this in mind, he has proved to be one of the most promising acts rising to success with a rapidly increasing demand. His most recent single ‘Hard Critic’ is released mid fall of 2018 and is available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify & Google Play. This song is definitely a new feel from Jouce and a tribute to his independently owned record label “Hard Critics Records”. Given the success and ambition Jouce has maintained over the years, this has led him to create a platform by founding Hard Critics Records. Hard Critics is a family oriented environment with a diverse set of artists from various backgrounds to create a unique blend of modern Hip Hop & R&B.

Favorite Quote: “Why shoot for the stars when you are one.”

Jouce is pronounced like “house” with a J.