Record Label

Hard Critics Records is an American independent record label founded in 2015 by CEO, Marcus ” Jouce ” Foster.  Hard Critics is focused predominantly on hip hop and r&b music with plans to expand into contemporary pop. The label originated out of Palmdale, CA but now has branched out to the mid-west and will eventually have footprint on every coast. Hard Critics gives you a nice blend of west coast hip hop with a unique feel that compliments the south, east-coast and parts of the mid-west. If comparing styles to mainstream artist think (Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey, Travis Scott). Hard Critics roster consist of ” Jouce, Shonn P, Bawse, El Trapo, Ace, and X “. Hard Critics recently brought onboard ” Mama Bear “as Brand Ambassador along with ” Asha the Shooter ” as Director of Photography. With all this talent stirring in one pot, Hard Critics is sure to keep you tuned in with nothing but the best so be sure to follow them on all social media and drop feedback when new releases are out !!